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Hey there! Welcome to Kelley Jorgensen Designs. Serving South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and beyond! Imagine a space where local charm meets digital excellence. That's what we're all about. For over 15 years, we've been diving deep into the world of web design, perfecting the art of bringing local businesses like yours into the online limelight.

You know, it's not just about having a website; it's about having a digital space that feels like home, both to you and your audience. We blend the unique stories of local businesses with the sleek, modern standards of today's web. So, whether you're a quaint cafe, a blossoming boutique, or any small business bursting with local flavor, we're here to make sure your online presence feels just right.

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we're most proud of! 

From agricultural processing plants wanting to expand to local Bed and Breakfasts wanting to display info and get more bookings. We've helped businesses small and large grow their online presence. 


CR Foam

Midwest Web Design


Rural. Agricultural. Small Business

The Lumberyard LLC

Local Small Business
Web Design South Dakota

Amish Farm SOap

E-Commerce. #1 Private Label Soap Comapny on Amazon!

Pasque Papers

Custom Web Design

Trusty Auto

Small Business. E-commerce.
Bespoke Web Design

Blue tin ranch

Rural. Agri-Tourism. Small Business
Ecommerce Web Design

Inca Salsa

Local Small Business. E-commerce
South Dakota Web Desinger


Agritourism. Small Business. Rural Business. 
South Dakota Web Design

ITA sourcing

E-commerce. Small Business

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